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For top-quality installation and repair of your lawn sprinkler and irrigation system, look no farther than T R W Landscapes LLC.

We offer spring startup, as well as fall winterization services so that you and your system are covered year-round.

Lawn and Garden Irrigation Systems

The best lawn and garden irrigation systems combine a variety of technologies that oscillate, sprinkle, spray, soak and drip to provide each plant or lawn the best watering technique. The best systems also conserve and/or reuse water, are easy to use and provide the proper coverage for every inch of your lawn and garden. For proper selection and installation, consult the professionals at T R W Landscapes.

Here Are a Few Suggestions to Help You Get Started

For lawn irrigation, you could choose an underground sprinkler system that will soak your grass evenly with at least one inch of water once or twice a week, depending on the weather. A lawn professional can advise you as to which systems are suitable for your lawn. You will need to consider durability, ease of use, installation requirements and overall cost.

  • Pop-up sprinkler heads are a safe bet for almost any lawn situation, and have the advantage of allowing you to mow the grass without damaging the sprinklers, which retract when not in use.
  • Impact sprinklers are generally placed at the edge of a lawn and feature a strong, forward-thrusting water spray tempered by a mechanical arm that breaks the stream and causes the device to return to move back and forth.
  • Rotor sprinklers spin to distribute water over a medium to large field, and can cover wide areas with a highly desirable slow speed that allows for a good soak to the roots.
  • Mono-directional spray heads in varying sizes are used to cover areas not covered by other methods, and may also be used in garden areas in which plants can tolerate overhead spray.

Spring Start-Ups and Fall Blow-Outs

Keep in mind that you should have a service contract for any extensive irrigation system. You will need assistance with your spring start-ups and fall blow-outs in order to keep the water flowing efficiently through the irrigation tubing and emission sites. Freezing and excessive rain can force dirt and debris into your irrigation system. This can be removed easily with a high-pressure cleaning by a professional. Freezing can also cause breakage of the tubing, leading to irregular and ineffective watering patterns when you resume watering in the spring.

It is a good idea to have a summer check on your irrigation system as well, in case you are over- or under-watering your lawn. Careful analysis by a professional will help you adjust your watering schedule to the most appropriate level and can save you money on water and/or future maintenance costs.


Be sure to check regulations in your area before planning your site and installing any major features, such as an irrigation system. Digging is never advisable without first checking with local authorities to determine locations of electrical cables and gas lines.

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